Dr. Subalalitha C.N.


Hello! welcome to my web page. I am a teacher and a researcher by profession. Teaching is one of the craziest passions of mine and I do it in all possible forms.  I teach at SRM Institute of Science and Technology, India.  Apart from that I like teaching online through YouTube &  invited workshops. Recently I have started online tutoring as well.  I do love teaching  stories for kindergarten kids during my summer vacation :)  Researching is my next crazy stuff ! I do research in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Tamil Computing fields of Computer Science and Engineering.  My other passion is blog writing and  I have been doing this for the past 15 years. This web page gives you  an idea of what I am up to in my academic and research activities.

Academic Background 

Subjects I Teach 

 Significant  Research Projects 

  • Ph.D  in Computer Science and Engineering at College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai in 2014                                                         

  • Master of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering at  SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, Anna University in 2006                                    

  • Bachelor of Engineering  in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering at Easwari Engineering College, University of Madras, Chennai in 2004


Information Extraction from Biomedical and Agricultural texts (2020)


Named Entitiy Extraction from  Tamil  Texts (2019)

Discourse Parser for Thirukural (2019)

Information Extraction from  Kurunthogai(2017)

Automatic Bilingual Dictionary for Thirukural(2016)

Search Engine for Indian Languages funded by SRM University (2016-2018)

Semantic Indexing Using Nanool Soothiram(2013)                                              

Cross Lingual Information Access funded by  Indian Ministry of  Electronics and Technology (Deity ) (2007- 2011)

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Computational Statistics

  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms

  • Data Structures

  • Natural Language Understanding

  • Text Mining

  • Computational Linguistics

  • C programming