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On a new Assignment to teach NLP for M.Tech Robotics students of our University

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I love teaching and more than that I love NLP. Teaching NLP is always fun. I make sure that I teach NLP every year. Last semester, NLP for B.Tech was denied to me as I was told to teach only one subject as I had already taught 3 subjects, the previous semester. Yeah, an Associate Professor is supposed to teach only 4 subjects per year. Since NLP is an elective and we have to take compulsorily a core subject, I had to take Design and Analysis of Algorithms (core) and I was told to skip NLP. Skipping it would be so difficult as I feel, more than the love I have for NLP, I think we only update us on a particular subject when we teach it. Else, there will surely be a lag. Teaching current generation is so risky as they know more than us and they are more intelligent than us. Imagine a bunch of guys listening to you who already know more than what you know :) May be I am exaggerating a bit more but to an extent this is true. Back to skipping NLP story last semester, I asked the Timetable Coordinator to assign me NLP despite me crossing the 4 subjects workload criteria. She first resisted as we teachers have more workload apart from teaching. Yeah teaching is getting redefined a lot ! Yessss I taught NLP last semester and this Covid spoiled a bit was able to upload NLP videos for the first time on my Machine Learning channel.

Now, this semester has thrown me a different situation. I am already assigned two subjects for current sem, Computational Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning. Suddenly yesterday, I received a request from our Mechanical engineering department to teach NLP for M.Tech Robotics students through our time table coordinator. She felt bad for loading me more. You need not feel bad Dr.Niranjana. I am happy about this. I actually had a small part in designing that NLP syllabus a year back and that's how they caught me :) Saying no is one of the inabilities I have and saying no to NLP is definitely difficult. Looking forward to have a different experience teaching Masters students of Mechanical engg specializing in Robotics . Lets see how it goes.

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