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On discussion with a Data Scientist

It was surprising to receive a mail from a data scientist from New York requesting me to give advice on his problem that he is currently working on. He has watched my Bayesian Belief Network (BBN) video on youtube He was working on a problem which needs a solution using BBN. I found the discussion with him interesting that happened today early morning 6.30 am. I think it is time to start working on more and more real time problems, with different data sets . Started imbibing Python from scratch during this lock down but always feel that known is very very little and unknown is huge. Thanks to my friend and colleague, Karthick who actually kick started this python interest and he has helped me a lot during our hands on workshop sessions that we have given together as resource persons.

I started my youtube channel for my own students at SRM and for my later references . I never ever thought it would be useful for a data scientist and he said my way of teaching on a paper was very useful for him . I had so many doubts and fears while starting that channel including the way I teach . Of course there has been many discouraging comments but appreciation from many positive ppl around the globe keeps me going. Still there are lot more to learn and lot more to teach. Let us see how it goes :)


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