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On My Professional Journey So far!

Almost it is going to be 6 years at SRM .Yeah a month left to call it 6 years precise. Thought of writing this post on my work anniversary i.e 29.06.21. but felt like writing today, so penning it down right now and right here!

I have written so many times in my non technical blog about SRM experiences

Wow. now only even I knew that I have written this many times about teaching. I write about stuffs I love:) While walking/running/crawling/jogging on this road I took, I feel I have gathered a lot and have transformed a lot. I am still proud that I opted teaching leaving behind my data scientist job that I had at a start up before joining SRM. Ok . This is what my professional life that I had since 2006 taught me. Though I joined in SRM in 2015, I would like to aggregate all :)

Disclaimer: Please these are not advices given to you but these are the lessons which I grabbed all these years :)

  1. While we climb up the ladder, we may face rejections/discriminations/less priority etc and they may come in any form. They give a lot of strength and energy and that's what push us forward, if at all they are taken in a positive direction.

  2. It's quite natural to be put on doubt. Earning trust takes a little longer and the earned trust is very important.

  3. Struggles keep coming all the way in many directions and it is always part of the game. Quitting should never be an option. Finding alternate ways will make things better. I was about to quit my PhD after my marriage but my guide Dr.Ranjani Parthasarathi wanted me to continue. I have thanked her many times for that matter, I am thankful for my whole life and my entire professional life is dedicated to her!

  4. Having steadfast policies are better and holding on to them will pay back. People around you may have different policies and even you can doubt your own policies but if we are confident on us and believe on being upright, we still should continue .

  5. When there are many options given, to choose the one that would give happiness is a wise choice. That's what I did when I got a call from SRM. I was teaching at Saveetha Eng, college, Chennai for 9 months since 2006 and it was very hard to leave that job to take up JRF job at Anna University in 2007 but then I had to take it to pursue PhD as it hit me hard that to make teaching as a permanent decision, PhD is important !. Since 2007 I was waiting to become a teacher .

  6. I am a very mediocre student and even now I have to spend more time to understand any new concept as I am a slow learner too. I still believe we can learn things if we keep knocking at them. That's how I learnt Machine Learning and I had absolutely no idea on Machine Learning when I started my YouTube Channel to teach Machine Learning. yes, through teaching you learn a lot!

  7. Connecting the dots help better. Connecting the subjects makes the teaching process easier. Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Statistics . All these subject that I have taught do have a connect and have a common thread running through !

  8. Having empathy works, as it will help bringing out easy solutions. This has helped me while being a faculty advisor and Course coordinator. Looking at the problem from the other person perspective helps.

  9. Not always we will be recognized and there will be a downfalls and those downfalls should not be pulling us down. ALERT! you can only accept those downfalls if you love what you are doing like we love our kids no matter how many times they keep doing mistakes :)

  10. Benefits need not always come in monetary form. Of course money is the central point it can be earned and it will definitely come to you but the benefits can also come in the form of "opportunity to gain knowledge", " gain more confidence "or even "making someone smile". I don't say "No" to give a free webinar why because those sessions have helped me to gain more confidence and those free webinars have in turn given me opportunities to give paid webinars. So we cant predict what will bring you what!

  11. Helping others mainly when it comes in the form of Knowledge Transfer helps you back in turn a lot. We gain a lot while we teach. I learn a lot from students and I don't mind from whom I learn and it only matters what I learn. Letting go of ego makes the process smoother!

  12. Learning the related skills like improving the ability to coherently speak or write is important and it will be gained as and when we move on, Grabbing public speaking opportunities will help. Teaching on a YouTube Channel gives a lot of confidence. Also it helps us to be composed while receiving both positive and negative comments.

  13. Professional connections outside your workplace happen naturally and we don't need to force ourselves. People matching your research interests, policies get connected easily and they stay with you and help you a lot if you have the right attitude and show progress. LinkedIn and Twitter helps a lot!

  14. Gaining the ability to handle multiple things at a time helps a lot. It might first affect the efficiency but it will pick up as and when we move on.

  15. I am feeling so sleepy so let it this be the last point:) Yes finally, putting consistent efforts no matter what pays back in huge.

There are much more but I chose to stop here also I hope I keep learning and I keep transforming in the right direction. Yes, SRM has given me a wonderful platform and I have gained more confidence after coming here. Also I feel it is very important to evolve continuously, settling will not be solution and I am exploring on what I could I do more. Not sure on that, so will write on that when I dig more and show some progress. Let us see how it goes :)

If you have reached here. I am so thankful to your patience! Have a nice day ahead.


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