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On November, 2020 Technical Updates

November 2020 has squeezed me much I should say :) October 2020 was also quiet packed as we were handling semester ends, research activities, along with that the online tutoring on Reinforcement learning I was giving for the US Data scientist. It was so interesting and gave me so much exposure to Reinforcement learning but it did not seem to end and it looked like it would continue for a very very long time as the data scientist is an ardent learner and experiments new new things and he wanted all those concepts to be taught by me. The odd timings and the extra extra extra efforts required started making me so tired and started to take the peace out of me. Be it anything, if it is costing my peace, I would keep it at bay no matter how much ever it cud pay me back:) So decided to discontinue that.

The very next day, I got a call from an IIT PG student's mom as he needs an urgent tutoring for Machine Learning as his main stream is different and he had this machine learning subject. I could not deny as the parent in me was very much listening to that parent and accepted to do that. This was done for a very short duration around 7 sessions helping to understand ML concepts and solve problems. Yeah also I got to know the teaching methods of IITs and their exam patterns. I learnt a lot from that and realized how much I lagged in solving problems. Thanks for that student and to that parent for believing in me. all these requests come after they view my YouTube channel. Though the monetary benefits are so less from YouTube, it gives you a reach. It is good that I decided to do that. Really wanted to start that again .

Then we could publish our patent idea and that is really a good news. The patent emerged from the story sessions that I took for Pre school kids .

This confirmed me once again research is part of life and can emerge from any component of life. And of course, all components of life are integrated and one can give clarity on other.

Finally, the hands on workshop I gave to CBSE school teachers across India on ML and NLP with hands- on for the whole day was awesome. It happened on Dec 3rd,but i add this on in NOv updates :) It was arranged by IIITDM, Kancheepuram and funded by AICTE. Thanks Dr.Umarani mam for believing in me and give me an opportunity amidst speakers from IITs and NITs who also gave sessions in that FDP. I know Umarani mam for more than 15 years . She was working in SSNCE while i was studying there and we also worked in CEG, she was a prof there, I was a JRF then she went ahead to do her PhD at IIT , Kanpur and joined in IIITDM. When I was searching for a job after my PhD, I dropped her a mail to get her advice. I was surprised to get a reply from her though we were not touch for many years. I am so blessed to mark many good souls throughout my life so far. Hope I continue marking many :). I am not a person who constantly keeps in touch with people who are connected to me professionally just because to expect something out of them. Touch wood, still people believe in me and answer my phone calls whenever I need them no matter how many months/years after I call them. Even many of my friends put up with me, understand that that's how I am and still tag me in their friends list :) Thanks to all believers:) Relationships work differently and unconditional policies surely help :)

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day ahead :)


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