• Subalalitha Navaneethakrishnan

Talk on "How RNN and LSTM work as Language Models"?

Dr.Umarani mam, Assistant Professor from IIITDM, Kancheepuram had invited me to give a talk on "how word predictions happen in RNN and LSTM " today for her students. She is always amazing. I Know her for more than a decade. She has already taught these two topics for her students but wanted the language model dimension to be taught by me. This needs a lot of broad vision and she is always a vivid learner. Any faculty from reputed central government Institute like IIITDM would want to invite people from IITs to give a talk but she opted me. Thanks so much mam for believing. A year back, she asked me to give a session on ML with hands on for school teachers in a AICTE funded workshop for the whole day. It was an awesome experience. I have also had the opportunity to co guide her B.Tech student. Her way of guiding the student is unique and I have learnt a lot from her. Earning someone's trust gives so much confidence and happiness too:)

I thought of uploading the recording here instead of uploading on my YouTube channel. I would like to add a disclaimer here:) The slides have been taken from "Stanford NLP with deep learning" course and also partially from MIT lecture video :)

Thanks for reading and watching .


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