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Two Dimensional Webinar Series

Our Natural Language Processing and Regional Language Computing Special Interest Group (NLP-SIG) at SRM hosted an online webinar series on "Tamil Computing and Data Processing from an Industry Perspective" on Aug 1st and Aug 2nd, 2020. It was a two dimensional event accommodating the topics"Tamil Computing & It's Connect with Artificial Intelligence" and "Data Processing using Kafka and Reactive Programming". Here is the brochure of the event.

brochure of the event
Download PDF • 261KB

Day 1 Speakers: Mr. Ranjith Raj and Mr. Radhakrishnan from Cisco Systems, Chennai. Ranjith spoke on Reactive Programming and Radhakrishnan spoke on Kafka.It was live streamed on YouTube and here is the link :

Day 2 Speaker: Dr.Muthu Annamalai from San Francisco spoke on "Tamil Computing and It's Connect with Artificial Intelligence". This was also live streamed on YouTube and here is the link :

Thanks to the speakers for their awesome sessions. Thanks to the technology for making these kind of events possible :). I usually hesitate to organize events at college, as they take a lot of formalities but these online events have simplified many aspects, focusing mainly on knowledge acquisition. Post this pandemic situation also, if these events continue, that would definitely be a sign of growth in the healthy direction. If these events are funded later, when the economic crisis gets better, it would be great to keep up these things going around :)


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